Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blanco1 Open Star Cluster

This cluster pretty much fills the frame.  These stars sit about 850 light years distant.  The cluster was discovered in 1949 when a Puerto Rican Astronomer noticed these stars were all of a similar type.
Imaged with Canon 450D and Skywatcher 80ED. 3 x 2 Minute exposures.Processed in Nebulosity and Photoshop.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

4 Star Clusters in Scorpius

NGC62549 (Bottom Left) 3200 light years distant
NGC6259 (Left of Centre) 3400 light years distant
Lynga 14 (Top Centre) 2900 light years distant
NGC6250 (Centre Right) 2800 light years distant
Bright stars (Lower Centre) 184 and 1553 light years distant

Globular and Open Star Clusters and a Nebula

Globular Cluster  NGC 6397 7500 light years distant, Bright star(bottom left) Pi Arae146 light years distant.
 Tarantula Nebula NGC2070 160,000 light years distant in Large Magellanic Cloud outside Milky Way.
Open Star  Cluster (Bottom Left) IC4651, 2900 light years distant, Small Globular Cluster  NGC6352(bottom Right)  18000 light years distant, Bright Star Alpha Arae (Top Left) 267 light years distant.
Globular Cluster NGC6541 24000, light years distant.  Three bright stars nearby to the right are all within 1000 light years distant.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Three Different Catalogues, Three Faint Open Clusters

Top Left  RU127  (RU short for "J.Ruprecht" the cataloger)
Centre NGC6400 (NGC or New General Catalogue featuring objects catalogued in the 19th Century)
Top Right CR338 (CR short for "Collinder" again the cataloger)
Centre Bottom Bright Star HD160688 about 694 light years distant.

Just to help out a bit I have marked them here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Far Off Globular Clusters M69 and NGC6652 and Bright Nearby Foreground Stars

Two globular clusters, bottom right is M69 at 29000 light years distant, and at 34000 light years NGC6652 at top left.  The bright stars in the image range from just 400 to 1300 light years distant.

HR6188, NGC 6193, NGC 6167 and HD149835

Bright Star HR6188 Top Left,
'Nebulous' Open Star Cluster NGC6193 Top Middle,
Open Star Cluster NGC 6167 Bottom Left,
Gas Ejecting Star HD149835 Bottom Right.