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Eta Carinae(Key Hole) Nebula 22nd December Wide Field Mosaic

I have wanted for some time now to produce a wider field image of the Eta Carinae Nebula that included some of the peripheral nebulosity, often left out of standard portraits, and also include the nearby Gem Cluster(top left).

Acquired this image using my trusty old modified Canon 450D, SWED80 Refractor Telescope on my just as'old and trusty' SWEQ6 German Equatorial Mount.

The image consists of 30 images (thats 6 seperate stacks of 5 x 2 minute exposures all reconstructed and stacked in Nebulosity and then assembled as one image in Photoshop.  

Then back to Nebulosity for initial stretching and digital enhancement of the colour and spatial details.

Then back the Photoshop for brightness and contrast adjustment, colour levels (RGB) enhanced along with some specific masking that allowed me to enhance the central red nebulosity without over brightening and adding in noise in the surrounding star field.

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