Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reprocessed Images

Given the pleasing result I got from reprocessing my Orion shot from this January I revisted some old data from last year to see if I could spruce it up.    Here's a shot of Centaurus A. that you can see on a previous post in this Blog.

That was then.

This is NOW!

I've managed to remove a good deal of the background noise.  Also there was a fair amount of cloud around when I took the original shots so all in all I think it has cleared up well.

Thanks for Looking!

Monday, February 6, 2012

 The Great Orion Nebula (Messier 42 and 43) in my previous post for the 28th January.  The image was very grainy and noisy, not surprising as this nebula is a very intense object.  I used another processing tool call GreyCstoration in Nebulosity which is designed to get into the the background of the image and remove the some of this noise.

Day 11 Moon Early Morning 5th February 2011

Canon 350D, WO Z70 Refractor on Tridpod.  16 1/80sec frames stacked and processed in Nebulosity.